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Sunday Sew In – Leymone Stars

Sunday Sew In – Leymone Stars
Sunday Sew In – Leymone Stars

Welcome to my new blog location – many of you may “know me” from years of posting The Quilt Rambler in another format. Yep, it’s still little ‘ole me,  Karen Overton or “Karen O in Texas” as some of you may know me.  I’m excited to start sharing with you again and in a NEW FORMAT! 

So let’s get started! It’s time to ramble about quilting!

Inspiration For Sunday Sew In


Sew In Inspiration

Whenever I can I try to steal away a little quilt therapy of my own – usually on a Sunday afternoon after church. Sometimes it’s quilting a personal quilt on my longarm or sometimes it’s the need to feel fabric and hear the hum of my sewing machine. Super Bowl Sunday it was a need to start something new – even though I have multiple works in progress (WIP) I was in the mood to be creative…

I’ve been revisiting a favorite book called Circle of Nine by Janet Houts & Jean Ann Wright, especially since I’ve seen in recent magazines and catalogs they have a new edition out that I’m just itching to get my hands on!  I thought about pulling out some orphan blocks and jazzing them up with  stunning settings but I really have been thinking a lot about stars too….and I didn’t have any orphan stars…

Let me share here, in case you didn’t know this little quilting fact about me, I love stars! Who doesn’t! I’ve been attracted to them all my life – maybe it was the little six pointed star baby quilt my grandmother made me…who knows – but I love stars and have sooooo many books and patterns dog-eared that include stars. I’ve taken classes on piecing broken stars, or lone stars as we call them here in Texas, I’ve bought templates and special rulers to help me accurately cut out star parts – quite a collection actually! Hum….so it was only natural that I gravitated towards wanting to play around with stars on my Super Bowl Sunday Sew In.

Next up – what color did I want to play with today? Or should I say colorsIf you know me, you will agree with one of my customers, who has stated on numerous occasions, “you certainly aren’t afraid of color”  My quilts are generally scrappy and very colorful – so is my studio but that’s another ramble…

So I was thinking batik and started to pull out my fat quarter collection when I remembered that I had this fabulous drawer full of batiks I acquired years ago from  a fabric manufacturer… a scrap box, per se, full of odd sizes that presumably were strike offs or fabric rep samples.  Yes, that will do nicely!

Now I’m inspired and ready to get serious!

Flying Swallows

Falling Swallows A few years back at the annual Dallas Quilt Celebration (coming around again the first of March) I met a fellow vendor, Pam, from Sager Creek Quilts. She had a beautiful booth full of fabulous quilts that totally drew me in. Pam was demoing Studio 180 Designs tools – Deb Tucker’s Rapid Fire Lemoyne Stars rulers was among them. This was when I got hooked on all of Deb’s rulers, patterns and technique sheets. I’ve made several quilts using Studio 180 Designs rulers and patterns, have taught several, and have a goal of making all of the patterns using all of the tools.  Have I mentioned that I’m into collections? I plan to live to be 120 by the way.

At the recent Houston International Quilt Market, an event for the wholesale market the week prior to the Houston International Quilt Festival for the public, I stopped by the Studio 180 Designs booth to introduce myself to Deb & Jeff Tucker, along with Sue Tucker – and to see the new products. Among them was a beautiful pattern by Pam, from Sager Creek Quilts, called Flying Swallows  using Deb’s technique and Deb’s Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Ruler. Some of my most prized purchases of the weekend came from this booth!

So here’s my first block created on my Super Bowl Sunday Sew In – Flying Swallows. Don’t you just love it! It took a little effort due to so many steps in the process (very clearly explained I might add – great pattern instructions Pam!) but it was certainly worth that effort!  

So on  to the design wall it went and next…

Strip Pieced Lemoyne Stars

Strip Pieced Lemoyne Star

Did I mention that Deb Tucker, Studio 180 Designs, not only has rulers and patterns but also technique sheets that expand your knowledge on how to use the rulers for fun and interesting variations? I’ve got the whole collection! (by now you shouldn’t be surprised!)

The technique sheets on the Lemoyne Stars are pictured in my opening photo – these truly were my inspiration for the day – the goal is to make nine star blocks so I can then make a “circle of nine” quilt. If you don’t have this book by the way, you really should check it out!

After the success of the Flying Swallows block I was ready to move on the the strip pieced lemoyne star block – so back to the fabric drawer I went.

Some of you are probably thinking I should have spent a little more time in color theory class. Perhaps. But I just pull out colors that I like. I don’t really care if “they go together” or not. Just as long as they aren’t yelling at each other and get all muddled up in the process…as long as they play nice then I think they work. The fabric quilt police don’t live in my studio. You choose your favorite colors to play with and I choose mine (grin).

Somehow I must have been totally engrossed in my audible book while cutting out the parts and pieces for this block as I ended up with enough units for two….hum…design change!….if I make two each of the next three block patterns then I will have five different leymone star variations instead of coming up with nine different ones AND there will be some sense of balance with these crazy colors if I repeat a few….brilliant idea Karen! NEXT!

Banded Lemoyne Stars

Colorful ScrapsI have to pause here and share my trimmings. Aren’t they just so colorful? Don’t you just want to jump into a large pile of fabric scraps like a kid jumps into a pile of fall leaves? Well…maybe it’s just me…

By now my Sunday Sew In was getting into the late evening hours. I think I heard somewhere that the Super Bowl was over….but I was determined to quilt on!

I picked up another technique sheet, went back to the fabric drawer, continued with my audible book and enjoyed the hum of my sewing machine as I completed not one, but two (and this time on purpose) banded lemoyne star blocks to add to my design wall….ta da! What do you think?

                                .Banded Leymone Stars

All good things must come to an end. By now it was nearing midnight. My Sunday Sew In was rapidly coming to a close. I am pleased with the progress sew far and will continue this idea of Leymone Stars in a Circle of Nine…stay tuned!

Karen O, The Quilt Rambler

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