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Batting Makes A Difference!


By the time most folks have finished piecing their top the last thing on their mind is batting. Sometimes there is the temptation to just use that chain store coupon or purchase whatever is on sale, worse yet – something that has been in your craft closet for years. This can prove to be a fatal mistake. The batting for your quilt deserves as much thought and care as the choices you made in design and fabric for your quilt top.


  1. How Do I Choose Between All Of The Batting Types Out There?

    Many factors contribute to the decision process of which batting.

    Quality should be number one. Don't skim on this very important ingredient in your quilt after all your time and investment in creating it. First consider the intended use of the quilt. Is it an heirloom to be displayed? Is it a child's quilt to be loved and washed often? Do you prefer the breath ability of natural fibers?

    Here’s a summary of various batting's available on the market today:

    cotton100% White Cotton: 96” wide. For white and light colored quilts, will not alter the tones of a very light project. 100% cotton is sustainable and friendly to the environment and always has been. Centuries of quilt making have proven the strength and durably of this natural fiber.

    100% Natural Cotton: 96” wide. The only difference between the white cotton and the natural is the color. For a soft quilt, use a soft natural fiber. Natural Blend 80/20: Available in 96” wide and 120” wide. Soft and thin 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester is needled punched and bonded for a substantial and durable combination offering the best of both fibers. Makes a warm bed quilt, but not too heavy, washes well and displays definition to the stitches. A longarm quilter’s delight. Used in the majority of the quilts coming through the Quilts ‘N Kaboodle studio.

    Bamboo Blend 50/50: Bamboo adds softness to this cotton blend and is eco-friendly. Bamboo breathes and is cool by nature. Bamboo owns a unique anti-bacterial ability. Bamboo fiber has excellent wet permeability, soft hand, with a better drape. A personal favorite!

    Wool: Wool is as sustainable as natural fiber can be. This wool is the absolute ultimate in machine quilting due to its airy loft that returns to original condition. Definition to the stitching is the quality highly sought by all quilt makers. If a sleeping quilt is your goal, super soft washed wool is the answer. It breathes naturally and allows air to pass through, making an excellent summer quilt. Wool has qualities that also keep us warm in the winter. Another personal favorite, especially living near the hot, humid Texas gulf coast!

    100% Polyester: Very small denier polyester giving unique loft and uniformity. Pre-test very dark fabrics for bearding. Bonding retards bearding and offers marvelous definition to stitches. Polyester traps body warmth and makes a warm bed quilt. Note: Polyester batting's vary greatly among manufacturers! Please contact us with any batting questions or concerns.

  2. Does Batting Shrink?

    Pretty much all batting's have an element of shrinkage, think about it, a lot of them are cotton or cotton bends. Personally I like what I call the “grandma pucker” when a quilt has been washed and comes out of the dryer, gives it that old fashioned quilted look. If you don't desire this look, you might want to consider 100% polyester or a 50/50 blend of poly/cotton.
  3. How Do I Know How Much Batting I Need for My Quilt?

    Batting needs to be 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than your quit top, just like your backing. If your batting comes prepackaged make sure the numbers reflect these measurements, if not, purchase a larger size. Nothing worse than running out of batting before you run out of quilt.
  4. May I Bring My Own Batting?

    You are welcome to supply your own batting if it is compatible with longarm quilting - if unsure, please inquire. Warning! Be concerned if the "sale batting" at the local chain store does not have a brand label on it. Batting is used in other industries such as in the upholstery industry - in other words, not ALL batting is suitable for quilts! Or if the word "craft" comes before "quilting" - think again. Sometimes prepackaged batting commonly sold at chain stores can vary in quality, we've seen batting vary from paper thin to extremely thick in the same piece! For this reason... Quilts 'N Kaboodle reserves the right to refuse any customer supplied batting of inferior quality. Our number one priority is that you will be pleased with your quilt, now and for years to come.
  5. Does Quilts 'N Kaboodle Have Batting For Me to Purchase?

    Yes, Quilts 'N Kaboodle maintains in stock high quality longarm approved 80/20 rolled batting in 96” and 120” width for purchase, priced by the liner inch. Specialty batting stock varies. Please contact us if you are looking for something special.



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